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Does Toffifay contain animal products?

Yes. While our heart doesn’t fall far from the hazelnut tree, we did get some help from some very lovely cows for Toffifay’s dairy ingredients.

Is gelatine an ingredient?

No. Toffifay do not contain any gelatine.

I am allergic to peanuts/almonds/other nuts. Can I still enjoy Toffifay?

There is a warning on the packaging stating that Toffifay may contain “traces of almonds, peanuts, and other nuts”. This is a warning for people with a severe allergy to peanuts or other edible nuts which may be contained in Toffifay’s hazelnut core. It cannot be excluded that in individual cases there are traces of other edible nuts despite the fact that they themselves are not used as an ingredient. As our raw materials suppliers may also process peanuts and the like, it is possible that there are still traces of nuts despite extraordinary care.

Simply put, probably not a great idea.

Where does the name Toffifay come from?

The name is made up of "Toffi" from toffee and "Fee", the German word for "fairy". The fairy symbolises a bringer of luck. As in aren’t you lucky we covered a crispy hazelnut with hazelnut cream, caramel, and chocolate.

Does Toffifay contain alcohol?

We do not use alcohol as an ingredient for Toffifay. According to the current recipe, we can also safely state that the flavourings we use do not contain even minimal amounts of alcohol.

That said, we’re told it pairs really well with a nice glass of red wine. But we’ll leave that last part up to you. (providing you’re of legal drinking age, but that goes without saying.)

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